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Maryland Crab Cakes

There’s nothing more disappointing than eating a crab cake that’s full of bread crumbs and fillers to the point that you can barely taste the crab. Our recipe is anything BUT that. It’s FULL of sweet crab. You can pan-fry or oven bake these delicious cakes and serve with lemon or enjoy with a creamy…

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White Bean Chili with Smoked Ham and Sweet Corn

This hearty recipe is chocked full of garnish and is a perfect meal for a chilly fall day. It’s an especially good recipe to showcase Michigan Sweet Corn when it is in season. This recipe calls for Smoked Ham but it is ALSO adaptable to Cattleman’s Smoked Pulled Pork. Feel free to adjust the recipe’s…

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Oatmeal Raisin Cookies with Pecans

This CLASSIC cookie recipe is a time honored favorite and a must have in your recipe library. It’s SO simple to make. This recipe calls for pecans however, feel free to use walnuts or macadamia nuts.

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Mom’s Onion Smothered Pork Chops

A classic pork chop recipe that ALWAYS pleases. Choose bone-in or boneless pork loin chops OR enjoy this recipe with country ribs. This recipe can also be successfully made with your crock pot. Choose white onions for this recipe if possible.

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Chinese BBQ Sauce

Our Chinese Barbecue Sauce is the style that you’ll see on Chinese Spare Ribs but it goes equally well on beef, chicken and even some fish. You may find its flavor so addictive that you’ll be tempted to serve as a dipping sauce with fried chicken.

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Carolina Style Mustard & Vinegar BBQ Sauce

Our Carolina Style Mustard & Vinegar BBQ Sauce is a popular sauce on the East Coast, especially in the Carolinas, and is a yellow mustard-based sauce with a vinegar kick and medium heat. You’ll most often find this sauce on their ever popular pulled pork but ALSO as a condiment.

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Smoked Brown Sugar & Honey Barbecue Sauce

Smoked Brown Sugar and Honey Barbecue Sauce represents a category of Mid-Western style sauces which are tomato based and generously sweet with a slight smoky taste and mild heat. Enjoy this sauce with ANY meat. It’s also welcomed over steak type fish.

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Roast Leg of Lamb a la Grecque

One of the most common seasonings for lamb, and the one made rather famous in Greece cuisine. is the well-known a la Grecque style lamb, consisting of chopped fresh garlic, fresh oregano, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme, lemon, cracked black pepper and olive oil. Here, we are using this classic recipe for one of Easter’s most…

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Mediterranean Seafood Stew

One of THE most classic dishes in the South of France is Bouillabaisse.  Our version stays close to its roots and celebrates the Fruits de Mer (seafood) of many types that make this dish such a wonderful treat.  Enjoy it with a crisp loaf of garlic bread for a sensory treat straight from the kitchens by the seas of the…

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