Save Big With Cattleman’s Meat Bundle Program

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Savvy shoppers not only take advantage of sales on their favorite single items but on the savings of buying in volume! An example is Cattleman’s popular Meat Bundle Program.

What’s a Meat Bundle?

Cattleman’s created several “themed” collections of your favorite meats, ready-wrapped for your freezer to enjoy whenever the mood or occasion calls for unwrapping these tasty and budget-minded “gifts”.

If you’re a beef lover, our Beef Bundle includes 60 pounds of steaks, roasts, stew meats, and grinds for your favorite burgers, meatloaf, or spaghetti sauce. Our Tailgate Bundle not only includes beef steaks but pork chops, spare ribs, chicken, and sausages. Our Breakfast Bundle, as you might have guessed, not only contains beef steaks, sausage links, and bacon, but other breakfast necessities like eggs, orange juice, hash browns, and waffles.

Better yet, some of our bundles even include a FREE 10-pound bag of potatoes!

With multiple bundles to choose from, Cattleman’s offers our customers quality and enormous variety. Buying in volume helps our savvy shoppers save and allows them to make delicious meals for their hungry families.