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Our History More Than Meats The Eye

Our Story

Cattleman’s: From Meat-Centric Beginnings to Multi-Faceted Grocery Enterprise 

Like all successful businesses, the story of Cattleman’s rise from its meat-centric beginnings to the multi-faceted grocery enterprise it is today began with one simple mission. 

Providing its customers with quality, quantity, variety, AND value.

With a name like “Cattleman’s”, it’s easy to guess that one of our company’s greatest assets has always been our knowledge of meats and the skills of our team of expert butchers and packers who still to this day, honor the traditions of their predecessors with a dedication to their craft, uncommon in this world of impersonal, “big box” stores.

This same tradition of expertise and dedication can be seen throughout our stores and empowers us to continue to grow by adding additional products and services to serve our community and our customer’s needs.

What Our Customer’s Say

The Word’s Out

“This place is definitely a hidden gem! The meat prices here are phenomenal! Instead of going to a big box store to get your meat, try going to cattleman’s and pay a lot less. Their steaks are beautiful and have excellent flavor!”


“Best place around for fresh meat, even with inflation killing us all, this place still has great deals. Always the best.”

-Jaminson W.

This was my first experience, I loved it! The store was clean, well stocked, and the meat was pretty and very fresh!.”

-ReGina H.

Good variety of meat and produce. Some of the best prices on deli meat. Nice seeing Michigan products sold in store. Staff is always nice to chat with.

-Ryan F.

Love this store! Vegetables are so fresh, meat dept is all anyone could want and I even found some Polish items. So many different things they don’t carry at supermarkets.

-Darlene L.

It was my first time at Cattleman’s in Taylor today. The guys in the meat section were super helpful and friendly. Great selection. I think I have found my new meat store.

-Angela C.

Who doesn’t love shopping at a place where your buck definitely goes far? I recommend taking the time to visit this place and see what they have to offer...

-Dawn W.

If you haven’t tried this amazing meat market, you are really missing out! Every cut of meat you could want with affordable prices. You can buy giant hunks of meat and they’ll cut it the way you like it!


Great place with great prices. The staff is really helpful as well! I was even able to get full uncut femur bones for my giant dog (and they still had meat on them still for her too!) Great place for those who stock up their deep freezers!

-Michael D.

I always get the bundles and you cannot beat the quality and cost. They have curbside pickup and will load in your trunk for you. Great service, great product!

-Jodie L.

Great place for purchasing meat. Customer service is great, and very helpful. Meat is of good quality at a fair price.

-James K.