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Sloppy Joes

The origins of the Sloppy Joe sandwich are a bit fuzzy. They have been traced back to one of 3 places of origin all completely unique. You can choose between a bar in Havana, Cuba, another bar in Key West (Sloppy Joe’s Bar), or, oddly enough to Sioux City, Iowa. Where ever they came from,…

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Seasonal Roasted Vegetables

One of THE healthiest ways to enjoy cooked vegetables Our Seasonal Roasted Vegetables recipe gives you the opportunity to use a variety of shapes, colors, flavors and textures to create a mouthful of deliciousness. The choice of vegetable up to you but want to keep them all about the same size so that they will…

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Beef Taco Meat Filling

Tex-Mex favorites like Tacos, Burritos, Loaded Nachos and Chimichangas all have one thing in common. A delicious, Tex-Mex seasoned ground beef filling that brings together that wonderful combination of chili, cumin, onion and peppers with the savory flavor of beef. This is the perfect recipe to make in a large batch and then freeze in…

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Chicken Lettuce Wraps with Thai Peanut Sauce

A popular item in many Asian restaurant hot-spots this dish is becoming a main stream feature in non-Asian restaurants as so many people are discovering how very nutritious and delicious they are. Your choice of lettuces for your wraps include: Boston, Iceberg or the outer leaves of Romaine. The sauce for this recipe can be…

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Tex-Mex Corn & Avocado Salad with Black Beans

This salad can be enjoyed both as an appetizer, or, as a main course and is a great choice for a light summer meal. In fact, if you choose to chop the tomatoes smaller, it can be enjoyed as a salsa. The corn kernels in this recipe can be stripped uncooked right from the cob,…

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Homemade Cinnamon Maple Granola

Granola has so many delicious uses. It’s one of the healthiest snacks right out of hand but it also makes a great breakfasts cereal or, a topping over yogurt or the popular acai bowl. We’ve chosen some of our very favorite nuts and seeds for this recipe but you can substitute others that you might…

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Bourbon Braised Barbecue Pork

Love pulled barbecue pork? Don’t have a smoker? No problem. This recipe creates some of the juiciest, most flavorful barbecue braised pulled pork you’ll ever have. Piled high on a toasted bun with a side of crisp cole slaw and you’ll be rockin’ the world with this recipe. Make LOTS, it freezes so well and…

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Caesar Salad Dressing

There a very few good commercially made Caesar Salad dressings on the market today. One however, Cardini’s, is pretty good, and it should be, its original creator, the Caesar himself, (Cesare Cardini) was primarily a front-of-the-house man and restaurateur and knew what his customers LOVED! If you’re concerned about using raw eggs in this dressing,…

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Crispy Coconut Chicken Nuggets with Zesty Orange Sauce

Juicy, fresh cut nuggets of boneless chicken breast with a breading of sweet shredded coconut. A tropical treat, summer, OR winter. We’ve paired this delicious chicken with a sweet & sour dipping sauce made from orange marmalade with just the right touch of tartness and heat to make this both a great snack or a…

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