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Coney Corn Dog “Pups”

Straight from the Carnival Mid-Way, comes this beloved recipe for our version of Corn Dogs, which is a delicious treat for both young and old. Cut into smaller “pups”, they can be served as a fun appetizer treat or, piled high for a straight up carnival meal. Omitting the chili powder and cumin will give…

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Chicken Quesadillas

One of the staples of Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, Quesadillas are a “flattened” expression of a soft tortilla taco which is then baked or griddled. This recipe is the standard interpretation of the chicken version and uses the pulled meat from a Cattleman’s rotisserie chicken. Besides the refried beans, onions, peppers and cheese garnishments, feel…

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Michigan Sweet Corn Fritters

While sweet corn from “anywhere” is delicious, you can’t beat Michigan’s Sweet Corn when it is in season, which is from late July until mid-September. There are so many great recipes for sweet corn. From eating right off the cob, to enjoying it in salads, casseroles, salsas, soups, in corn bread or, in any number…

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Rollatini di Melanzana (Eggplant Rollatini)

This classic Italian eggplant dish is a MUST try. Even people who have never tried (or are scared) of eggplant LOVE this recipe. This is a meatless dish and a good choice for Lent but you CAN add some Italian sausage or chicken or even shrimp to the stuffing for a truly exceptional dinner party…

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Char-Grilled Mongolian Pork Tenderloin

This recipe was inspired by Cindy Pawlson at her Mustard’s Grill in Napa, California. Primarily a hoisin sauce-based marinade, this recipe is full of unexpected surprises and has just the right amount of spice and heat. Although this recipe uses Pork Tenderloin, it is equally good to use with chicken, shrimp or even beef. This…

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Grilled Pineapple and Roasted Red Bell Pepper Salsa

This recipe is a refreshing addition to most any grilled meat, chicken or seafood. It’s sweet and slightly tangy taste pairs especially well with our Char-Grilled Mongolian Pork Tenderloin recipe. This recipe will hold in your fridge for 2 to 3 weeks and is delicious topping over a lemon or lime sorbet.

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Carrot & Zucchini Bread with Poppyseeds & Raisins

Chocked full of carrot and zucchini, our recipe for Carrot and Zucchini bread is SO delicious, you’ll want to make this a traditional breakfast or mid-day treat. You can substitute currants or sun-dried cherries for the raisins and can add just about any nut you enjoy to make this moist and oh so flavorful bread.

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B.L.T. Salad

As the name suggests, the B.L.T. Salad is ALL about bacon, lettuce and tomato. However, within those 3 ingredients, you have an enormous choice of different types of bacon, lettuces and tomatoes which can turn an ordinary salad into a stellar one! At Cattleman’s, we have a huge selection of bacon brands and styles. We…

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Chicken Shawarma

Like Indian curry, there are many versions and therefore recipes for Shawarma depending on the region. Typically, Shawarma meat is seasoned, compressed cone of beef and lamb which rotates in front of a vertical heating element. As the meat cooks / reheats, it is shaved off onto a pita or what to which many different…

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