Cattleman’s Rotisserie Chicken Challenge!

Jan 6, 2024

Nearly everyone loves chicken.

We enjoy chicken wings, chicken nuggets, fried chicken, stir-fried chicken, chicken soup, chicken salad and chicken sandwiches. Just to name a few.

However, one of the BEST ways to enjoy this delicious bird is also one of the best values in America, and especially at Cattleman’s.

And that would be, Rotisserie roasted chickens.

When we say, “one of the best ways”, we’re specifically focusing on one of the “healthiest” ways as a rotisserie roasted chicken is purely chicken, in all of its goodness.

No breading, no deep-fat frying, no fillers, no additives.

A dinner of rotisserie chicken, some boiled or roasted potatoes and a steamed vegetable medley is one of the most nutritional and economical meals you can have serve your family.

But wait! There’s more!

Beyond its meat, the remaining bones and trimmings, once simmered in some water, make and excellent broth for soup, and if strained and reduced even further, can become a rich, delicious sauce or jus.

Rotisserie chickens at Cattleman’s are so reasonably priced that we often recommend buying more than one, then stripping the meat off the additional bird/s, dicing it, then placing the diced meat in a zip lock freezer bag to be used in SO many future recipes.

And more chicken bones mean more great broth, which you can also freeze for the aforementioned soups and sauces.

It’s winner, winner, MANY chicken dinners!

And more “CLUCK”, for your buck!

As an ongoing mission of sharing some of our favorite Rotisserie Chicken recipes, we’ll begin this first edition by sharing a couple recipes which we think you’ll really enjoy.

They’re simple and delicious.

Out first 3 have a theme ingredient and that is flour tortillas.

A six-inch size is pretty standard for these two recipes but any size will do just fine.

2 recipes on our website are perfect candidates for your Rotisserie Chicken and the links below will take you directly to them.

Chicken Quesadillas


Traverse City Chicken Cherry Salad


Our third recipe is an adaptation of a menu offering you will often see and some of the independent pizzerias and Italian casual restaurants.

Our Barbecue Chicken Flat Bread Pizza is a rather simple and convenient way to make a delicious “pizza” without all the hassles of making or stretching pizza dough…

We’ve JUST placed this new recipe on our website but you can see it right here.

4 – 8”     Flour Tortillas (Soft)

½ cup     Pizza Sauce

½ cup     Barbecue Sauce (Sweet Baby Rays or Other)

2 cups    Mozzarella Cheese, Shredded

2 cups    Diced Cooked Rotisserie Chicken

1 cup     Red Onion, Cut Into Thin Slivers

1 cup     Bell Pepper (Red or Green), Cut Into Thin Slivers

½ cup    Cilantro Leaves, Fresh, Chopped

Preheat your oven to 400 F.

  1. Lay out 4 – 8” flour tortillas on a flat surface.
  2. Stir together the ½ cup of pizza sauce and barbecue sauce, then divide the mixture into 4 equal portions and spread ¼ of the total mixture evenly over the surface of each tortilla, leaving a ½ un-sauced border on each.
  3. Divide the shredded mozzarella into 4 portions and evenly sprinkle the cheese over the sauce on each tortilla.
  4. Divide the diced, cooked chicken into 4 portions and evenly space the chicken over the cheese on each tortilla.
  5. Divide both the slivered red onion and bell peppers and evenly sprinkle each over the cheese and chicken on the tortilla shells.
  6. Carefully lift each finished and topped tortilla, with a spatula, onto a non-stick baking sheet.
  7. Bake at 400 F for approximately 5 to 8 minutes.
  8. Remove the BBQ Chicken “pizzas” sprinkle each with approximately 2 tablespoons of the chopped fresh cilantro, then cut into 4 pieces each.

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