Cattleman’s Attends the 2024 North American Seafood Expo in Boston

Mar 16, 2024

When you think of Boston, Massachusetts,

two things immediately come to mind.

1). Historical American landmarks including Boston’s famous Freedom Trail walk,


2). Seafood

Boston is synonymous with seafood, from fin fish to shellfish, Boston is not only home to some of the most iconic wharf side fish markets, to some of the Eastern Seaboard’s most famous seafood dishes, least of which is a steaming bowl of Clam Chowder, or chow-da as the locals pronounce it, and, of course.


So, when you want to know what’s going on in the world of seafood, there’s only one MUST ATTEND place you’d want to go.

The North American Seafood Expo.

And that’s exactly where the owner of Cattleman’s and his Seafood Manager Justin Gilman headed to this past March 10th to take in the hundreds of exhibits representing over 50 different countries, as well as demonstrations and lectures from some of the world’s top seafood chef and industry experts.

And, of course, to enjoy PLENTY of samples.

Simply amazing.

Follow along with us as we peruse the aisles and discover all the newest products, packaging and latest trends from the rivers, lakes and oceans of the world. Enjoy viewing the Miles of Seafood Aisles with us here:

And what would be a trip to Boston without making a reservation at what many experts feel is the best, upscale seafood restaurant in the city,


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