Cattleman’s 33 F Meat Room

Apr 26, 2024

Seriously, 120+ linear feet of beef? Stacked 4 or more shelves high?

Primal cuts, steaks, specialty cuts and a half dozen skilled butchers available to meet any additional fabrication needs you may request?

This isn’t a warehouse, it’s Cattleman’s famous 33-degree walk-in meat “locker” at their Centerline store location.

And beef isn’t our only “beef”.

Cattleman’s lengthy aisles of pork, poultry, lamb, sausages and specialty meats are simply overwhelming.

And, if you love bacon…don’t even get us started. You’ll see brands, cures, smoke finishes and thickness cuts you’ll rarely find elsewhere. We LOVE bacon.

It’s truly is a meat lover’s heaven.

Our Taylor store, albeit slightly smaller, is equally impressive, and its butchers, we think, are definitely a “cut above” your usual meat counter cutters at the larger chains.

Another thing that Cattleman’s and our Meat Department is so well known for, is our Meat Bundles.

Our 7 current bundles range from the popular Fill Your Freezer, to Variety Meat Bundles, Mini Bundles, Tailgate Bundles and even a Breakfast Bundle.

Quality and value are 2 important reasons why Cattleman’s is THE Meat Experts.

So, on a hot, steamy July afternoon, if you see customers walking into Cattleman’s wearing a sweater and a parka, with that smile of anticipation on their faces, you know they’re meat lovers, just like you.


Being a bit chilly, is a small price to pay, for such a small price to pay.
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