Hot Lunch Box Meals

Both our Hot and Cold box lunch meals are the perfect choice for offices, picnics, boaters and any groups needing a delicious, complete meal on the go. The minimum order of any 1 Hot Lunch selection is 4 per item. The prices noted here are for 4 Hot Box lunch meals. Once the minimum of 4 have been met, individual meals can be added to the order for a single meal price.

PLEASE NOTE: *All products located within the COMPLETE MEAL PACKAGES category require advance notice of 24 hours for the Centerline Store and 48 hours notice for the Taylor Store.

*All hot box meals come with an appropriate sauce or condiment and a choice of any 2 side accompaniments listed below. Meals may be ordered to be picked up hot, or cold, which can then be reheated at your convenience. All main course “proteins” are 8 ounce portions. Accompaniments are approximately 3 to 4 ounces each.